Mockup for the book The H. Siblings by Navid Linnemann book cover
After the original German edition “Die Geschwister M.” was published in July, this book is now […]
Book release for YSA22: The M siblings Here is the German hardcover edition for the Young Storyteller Award 2022 by
This month, the book “Die Geschwister M.” (The H. Siblings) was published by on the […]
YSA22 Young Storyteller Award 2022 Teilnahme
Today I have a little announcement about a competition in which I will be participating from […]
Navid Linnemann bei der Lesung von "Şimdi heißt jetzt" von Maviblau in der Stadtbibliothek in Stuttgart
I am back in Turkey and finally find time to share some impressions of our Readings […]
Şimd heißt jetzt Lesung in Bremen bei der Kültürale 2021
At the end of March/beginning of April, I will be visiting Germany for three (so far) […]
Simdi heißt jetzt snapshots from IStanbei Media Residents bul
As part of the KÜLTÜRALE 2021, Maviblau will come to Bremen. On October 15, we will […]
Kulturkirche Bremerhaven Ausstellung "Innenleben"
Even though – thanks to Corona – just 50 visitors were able to attend the five […]