english book The H. Siblings and its German original Die Geschwister M. hold by the auther Navid Linnemann
Free eBook promotion: I am thrilled to announce that the English edition of “The H. Siblings” […]
Mockup for the book The H. Siblings by Navid Linnemann book cover
After the original German edition “Die Geschwister M.” was published in July, this book is now […]
Book release for YSA22: The M siblings Here is the German hardcover edition for the Young Storyteller Award 2022 by story.one
This month, the book “Die Geschwister M.” (The H. Siblings) was published by story.one on the […]
YSA22 Young Storyteller Award 2022 Teilnahme
Today I have a little announcement about a competition in which I will be participating from […]
Navid Linnemann bei der Lesung von "Şimdi heißt jetzt" von Maviblau in der Stadtbibliothek in Stuttgart
I am back in Turkey and finally find time to share some impressions of our Readings […]
Şimd heißt jetzt Lesung in Bremen bei der Kültürale 2021
At the end of March/beginning of April, I will be visiting Germany for three (so far) […]
Simdi heißt jetzt snapshots from IStanbei Media Residents bul
As part of the KÜLTÜRALE 2021, Maviblau will come to Bremen. On October 15, we will […]
Kulturkirche Bremerhaven Ausstellung "Innenleben"
Even though – thanks to Corona – just 50 visitors were able to attend the five […]