Mockup for the book The H. Siblings by Navid Linnemann book cover

After the original German edition “Die Geschwister M.” was published in July, this book is now also available in English. Titled “The H. Siblings”, the collection of very short stories about different human characteristics was published on Amazon as eBook and paperback. You can buy The H. Siblings now all around the world. This was made possible by the fantastic work of Meghan Curran, who not just ensured a proper translation, but also that any linguistic subtleties would be understandable to an American English-speaking audience.

What is The H. Siblings about?The H. Siblings Cover and Mockup

Sluggishness, love, gluttony & honor––certain aspects of the human experience transcend time, borders, and language. More than two thousand years after its debut, Navid Linnemann presents a contemporary retelling of Theophrastus’s satire, “Characters”. Through 15 new interpretations based on the ancient work, he explores humanness at its best and at its worst. Whether stronger or weaker, these characteristics exist within us all. So, somewhere in these stories, you’ll recognize characters you know––perhaps even yourself.

Where can “The H. Siblings” be ordered?

For this softcover edition of The H. Siblings in English, I decided to give the services of KPD (Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon) a try. Therefore, it is most convenient to order both the ebook and the print edition there. However, in the US and UK, the editions are also available in bookstores as normal. One more tip: When ordering on Amazon, make sure that you choose the right marketplace for you, so that you don’t accidentally have a book sent from Germany to America or vice versa. The links in the text above lead to However, you can also order the book directly from my website, which (due to shipping costs) is mainly worthwhile for readers in Germany and Turkey.

Buy The H. Siblings in the US: eBook & Print
Buy The H. Siblings in the UK: eBook & Print

(The H. Siblings is also available in Australia, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland and many other Amazon Marketplaces)

The book details

Format: Paperback
Pages: 80
ISBN-13: 979-8849875774
Publisher: KPD
Published on: 20.09.2022
Language: English
Pictures: 15 colored pictures


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