Here you can look at the photographs from the book Stambul in high resolution. In addition to the pictures of the book, there are more historical photos from the Ottoman Empire, which helped to write the book and thus give a better impression of the city at the Bosphorus and its inhabitants.

Historical photos from Constantinople

Origin of the historical pictures from Istanbul

The historical photographs from Constantinople (and its region) shown here are mainly scans of original photographs. Most of them are postcard motives. Well-known photographers from the city made them in large quantities at that time, because tourism (although on a smaller scale) was already available at those days. For example, the Swedish photographer  Guillaume Berggren (1845-1920), from whom countless pictures of the city and its inhabitants are preserved, became very famous. Nevertheless, some pictures are also single photos that I could buy at auctions or in antique shops.

From time to time I will add more historical photos showing Constantinople. For example, when further stories are added, which are not part of the book, but will be presented at readings.

Note: I also recommend the  website, which also shows historical photos from old Istanbul. The website includes accompanying texts on the subject of the Ottoman Empire in 1914, providing an even deeper insight into the history of Istanbul.

A map with the locations of the stories  can be found here.