Maviblau is a German-Turkish cultural platform based in Berlin and Istanbul that deals with encounters between Turkey and Germany in the fields of art, culture and society. The project began with an online magazine run by volunteers. Soon after, workshops and various events followed. In 2019, Maviblau e.V. was founded as an official association to accompany and shape the diversity and vitality of cultural exchange between Turkey and Germany even better with various projects.

At Maviblau I have been part of the Istanbul team since 2016. Here I have been able to write numerous articles for the magazine and support the articles of others with some photographs. I have also been involved in the organization of events at the Bosporus. Also special projects, like the biriz-project described below, are part of Maviblau’s program. As well as workshops and smaller events. You can  read here more about my most exciting project so far, the book “Şimdi heißt jetzt” (Şimdi means now).

Simdi heißt jetzt snapshots from IStanbei Media Residents bul

Projects within the context of Maviblau

In cooperation with the Goethe Institute Istanbul we were able to realize  the biriz project. It is about the common history of Germany and Turkey, which is presented by means of individual traces. For this project I did some interviews, took photos and sound recordings as well as wrote articles.