Merhaba and welcome to my website. On this site you will find more about me and my work as an author. For example about my recent book, which is made up of 15 historical short stories set in Istanbul at a time at which there was still a sultan in power.

You will also find a page with some other projects I am participating in. One of them is the German-Turkish online magazine  Maviblau.

About me

fictional and non-non-fictional, as print and online

I’ve been living in Istanbul for a few years. Here, I fell in love, first with the city and then with my now wife. I work as a freelance translator and writer. Whether journalism or fiction, the texts I write are usually about life at the Bosphorus.

Navid Linnemann Autor von Stambul

Justice is a balance that does not balance itself in the head between two shoulders, but seeks that very state between two or more scoops. The righteous, however, is one who carries her eyes blindly behind the cloth, but never misses her target with the sword.

— Die Geschwister M. (The H. siblings)

Stambul - stories between sultanate and republic

Stambul – Stories between Sultanate and Republic

15 historical short stories from the period of the outgoing Ottoman Empire.

Şimdi heißt jetzt – Snapshots from Istanbul

A non-fiction book by Maviblau, in which various topics of daily life are told in personal stories.

Simdi heißt jetzt snapshots from IStanbei Media Residents bul


I work on all kinds of topics, whether online magazines, blogs or articles for the most varying projects.

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