Wicked Doms (3 Book Series)

In 2020, I tried something different. I had the privilege of translating three pieces of erotic literature by American author Jane Henry. The books are available exclusively on Amazon as ebook, paperback or audiobook. They contain three self-contained stories of the Russian mafia, each telling an intimate relationship between one of the “brothers” and their respective female counterpart. These romantic thrillers have been so successful on the German market that I am already working on translating Jane Henry’s next books.

The Bratva’s Baby:
A Dark Mafia Romance

The first part of the series is about Kazimir and the librarian Sadie. The young lady has to be kidnapped and married in order to get her heritage.

The Bratva’s Bride:
A Dark Mafia Romance

The second part is about Demyan, who kidnaps a woman out of revenge, but whether it is really the right woman is unknown to him for a long time.

The Bratva’s Captive:
A Dark Mafia Romance

Maksym is different from his brothers. This is not only due to his task as the executioner of the Bratva, but also in his dealings towards women. Olena tries to uncover the secret of this fact.