Book release for YSA22: The M siblings Here is the German hardcover edition for the Young Storyteller Award 2022 by

This month, the book “Die Geschwister M.” (The H. Siblings) was published by on the occasion of the Young Storyteller Awards 2022 (YSA22). Together with Thalia, the Austrian newspaper Der Standard and other partners, this writing competition is organised in which entire books and their concepts are judged by a jury. The genre of the works is completely free – all that matters is that the books consist of twelve to seventeen stories/chapters and that they are no longer than 2,500 characters (a little less than a normal Word page). In “TDie Geschwister M.” there are fifteen such texts, each dealing with a human character trait and presenting it – hopefully – vividly.

Books can still be submitted to YSA22 until the end of August. Mine is already in the pot with the new publication and has also been officially published. The German verson can therefore already be ordered and bought everywhere. On my website you can find some background information about the creation of the texts and illustrations. There you can also find out how I came up with the idea for the book.

New release book for the YSA22 by and Thalia in Austria

What will happen to the H. siblings after the YSA22?

At the moment I’m still working on a translation into English and Turkish. As soon as these are finished, the siblings will also be available to read in these two languages. In all likelihood, however, this will only happen after the end of YSA22. Then there will also be a softcover version of the German edition. This will be cheaper and contain all 15 inkblot pictures (and not only 7, as in the present edition).

Until then, good luck with the Young Storyteller Award 2022 from Story.One and Thalia; feel free to buy my book, read it, rate and comment on it, and feel free to tell your German speaking friends about it too! All the best!

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