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As part of the KÜLTÜRALE 2021, Maviblau will come to Bremen. On October 15, we will not just read from our book “Şimdi heißt jetzt“, but will also be accompanied by live music. Kültürale 2021 with Maviblau is made possible on the one hand by Kulturform Türkei and on the other hand by the Kunsthalle Bremen, where the event will take place. I am very much looking forward to the reading, as well as to the following question and answer session.

From the announcement of the Cultural Forum:
“The team of Maviblau takes its readers into everyday life in Istanbul. In the book “Şimdi heißt jetzt” (Simdi means now), fifteen people talk about their personal experiences – lively, honest, humorous and sometimes melancholic. A complex picture of cultural influences, social ideas and individual dreams emerges from the different perspectives. The authentic tone and sensitive approach allow for both an intense and close examination of life in Turkey.

The reading provides insights into both the texts and the powerful illustrations in the book, which present a very unique view of Istanbul and life in Turkey.

Bremen-based singer and actress Sema Mutlu provides musical accompaniment for the evening.”

Kültürale 2021 with Maviblau – More information is also available at: (German and Turkish language).

Time and place:
Friday, October 15, 2021
Start: 7.00 p.m.

Kunsthalle Bremen
Am Wall 207
28195 Bremen

10 € / reduced 8 €



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