Navid Linnemann bei der Lesung von "Şimdi heißt jetzt" von Maviblau in der Stadtbibliothek in Stuttgart

I am back in Turkey and finally find time to share some impressions of our Readings with Maviblau. We visited Stuttgart, Cologne and Munich with our Maviblau book. There we could present Şimdi heißt jetzt at three great readings and take a look at Istanbul from different perspectives. Even if – the protective measures against Corona have just been lifted – the audience did not yet dare to return to events in quite such large numbers, we had a lot of fun at the readings themselves and (especially in Cologne) very stimulating conversations after the events.

Eva Feuchter flips through the book she illustrated

Stuttgart on March 31

In Stuttgart we were invited by our friends from Deutsch-Türkisches Forum (German-Turkish Forum) and the public library. From our team Marie Hartlieb and I had the opportunity to read. Since we did not have any live music at this reading in the architecturally remarkable library building, we used videos for the transitions of the text blocks, which on the one hand showed impressions of the book and on the other hand gave our graphic designer Eva Feuchter the opportunity to tell about the creation of the illustrations.

Cologne on April 2

In Cologne-Mühlheim we were allowed to read in the Café Toré, which belongs to the institution Kulturbunker there. Not only was it a cozy living room atmosphere, but it was also a local event for Carina Plinke from our team. Besides her and me on the texts, we were happy about Umut Piêra, who accompanied us with his Bağlama music. Eva was also present and was able to share what was still shown as a video in Stuttgart after the reading.

Munich on April 7

As the third and last location of our spring readings, we were guests at the Pasinger Fabrik in Munich. Here we met quite fantastic people on a great stage. First and foremost Sezgin Inceel, who played some of his songs and also performed a cover of Barış Manço that was very well-liked (especially by me). The stories from our book were read at Munich by Seda Sina, Marie Hartlieb and me.

Reading the book yourself!

If you couldn’t make it on these three dates, don’t be sad. We are working on further readings in Germany and also in Istanbul. Until then, our book (German only) can of course also be bought for self-reading in all bookstores in the German-speaking countries. Or from the Slanted publishing house or in Turkey directly from me. All necessary information (ISBN-No. etc.) can be found here.



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